In our laboratory, physical, chemical, and bacteriological analysis of impurity parameters related to permeate and drain water are performed. Our expert engineer staff and R&D team carry out meticulously spectrophotometric measurements for chemical parameters and bacteriological analysis with related equipments.

Our mobile devices at our laboratory enable water analysis from various sampling points.

The following chart shows in detail parameters analysed at our laboratory, analysis method and devices:

Physical Parameters Analysis Method/ Device
Sediment Observation
pH pH meter
ORP ORP meter
Dissolved oxygen Dissolved oxygen meter
Conductivity Conductometer
Colour Spectrophotometer
Turbidity Spectrophotometer
Suspended Solid Spectrophotometer
Settleable Solid Imhoff Settling Cone
Chemical Parameters  
Iron Spectrophotometer
Manganese Spectrophotometer
Ammonium Spectrophotometer
Nitrate Spectrophotometer
Nitrite Spectrophotometer
Sulphate Spectrophotometer
Potassium Spectrophotometer
Chloride Spectrophotometer
Free Chlorine Spectrophotometer
Total Chlorine Spectrophotometer
Silica Spectrophotometer
Potassium Spectrophotometer
Boron Spectrophotometer
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Spectrophotometer
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Spectrophotometer
TDS TDS meter
Organics Titration Method
Hardness EDTA Method
Alkaline Titration Method
Bacteriological Parameters  
Total Coliform Microfiltration Method
Faecal Coliform Microfiltration Method

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