Hazar Inc. has been established in Istanbul / Turkey in 1986. The Company belongs to Hazar Group, which has international profile, operating not only in Turkey but in many countries such as; Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia.

Hazar Group's main operation sectors are water Treatment Systems with Hazar Water Treatment Systems, Power Electronics with Sanmar Co., Netcom Electronics and Telecommunication firms; construction, industrial machinery and equipment industry.

In terms of logistics and continous & powerful stock politics, Hazar Inc. offers its customers many advantages in three different locations in Istanbul with its headquarter office in Taksim; 3000m2 warehouse, project office and laboratory in Topkapi, 6000m2 Hazar Plaza and warehouse in Tuzla; and office & warehouse in Izmir, Ankara, and Baku/Azerbaijan . In addition, our company has an office and warehouse in Tuzla İstanbul Leather and Industry Free Zone (DESBAŞ).

Hazar, with its approx. 150 dealers around Turkey, operates in Project Design & Engineering and ensures high quality product range at competitive pricing and provides its customers with the most economical and effective solutions. The Company offers added value to its customers by serving them with its technical service team, full-scale laboratory able to analyse water not only on physical and chemical parameters but also on microbiological level and engineering consultancy.

Hazar Inc. operates as per the ISO 9001:2000 standards and follows the latest innovations by joining domestic and international seminars, exhibitions and events about Environmental Technology and Water Treatment all around the world and have know-how partners to deal with very specific water problems.

As a social responsibility project concerning water subject, Hazar A.S has sponsored and contributed to the publication of the book Bir Damla Su (A Drop of Water) that describes in details the water and its benefits on health, with the aim of raising public awareness on the topic.

Our Mission
To bring the most effective and economical solutions to the water problems of our Country and neighbouring areas through our equipment & system supplies and projects using the most efficient technology available. Our aim is to make a contribution to correct usage of water supplies both in and out of the country.


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